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Sea Ice:

MODIS Truecolor Image, courtesy of NASA's Earth Observing System
MODIS Day of Year 124 Ice extent is courtesy of the National Ice Center.

Active Drifters:
Kotzebue offshore
Kotzebue inshore

UAF HFR Surface Currents:
Hourly UAF Surface Current Vectors (HFR)
Daily UAF Surface Current Vectors (HFR)

Chukchi Bathymetry:
Alaska Region Bathymetric DEM

Active AUV/gliders:
This map shows only currently deployed gliders. See the Gliders Page for all glider deployments.
Glider 191

Recent Wind Vectors:
From airports
The labels at Barrow, Wainwright, and Point Lay are links to wind data collected in those locations.

Oil Leases:
Active, May 2014

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Note: the field data collection period for this study has technically ended. Data shown on this page in 2015 is funded through other projects and agencies. See below for details:

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The Chukchi and Western Beaufort Circulation Study is Sponsored By:

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