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UAF HFR Surface Currents:
Hourly UAF Surface Current Vectors (HFR)
Daily UAF Surface Current Vectors (HFR)

Active AUV/gliders:
This map shows only currently deployed gliders. See the Gliders Page for all glider deployments.
Glider 191

Active Drifters:

Sea Ice:

MODIS Truecolor Image, courtesy of NASA's Earth Observing System
MODIS Day of Year 280

Ice categories, courtesy of NOAA's NWS. Click on each shape to view category definition.
Sep. 30, 2015

Chukchi Bathymetry:
Alaska Region Bathymetric DEM

Recent Wind Vectors:
From airports
The labels at Barrow, Wainwright, and Point Lay are links to wind data collected in those locations.

Oil Leases:
Active, May 2014

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Note: the field data collection period for this study has technically ended. Data shown on this page in 2015 is funded through other projects and agencies. See below for details:

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